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Improving Room Acoustics through time-variant synthetic reverberation
David Griesinger - Lexicon Inc. 1991
This paper describes the fundamental operating principles behind LARES as they apply to our first installation - The Elgin Theatre.

How Loud is my Reverberation?
David Griesinger - Lexicon Inc.1995
This paper describes the significance of reverberant level and introduces RR as an acoustic measure.

Further Developments in the Design, Implementation, and Performance of Time Variant Acoustic Enhancement Systems
Steve Barbar - Lexicon Inc. 1995
This paper describes applications for acoustic enhancement, and the fundamentals of successful system implementation.

Spaciousness and Envelopment in Musical Acoustics
David Griesinger - Lexicon Inc.1996
This paper describes properties of Spaciousness and Envelopment, and describes experiments used to quantify each.

Objective Measures of Spaciousness and Envelopment
David Griesinger - 1998
This paper compares methods for evaluating spaciousness and envelopment, and introduces new standards for spatial measurement.

Further Investigation into the Loudness of Running Reverberation
David Griesinger - 1996
This paper describes requirements for stage support and optimum ratios of direct and reverberant energy.

Beyond MLS - Occupied hall measurement with FFT techniques
David Griesinger - 1994
This paper describes deficiencies in using MLS to measure occupies spaces, as well as other common methods of measurement such as starters pistols or balloon bursts. It also describes new techniques using binaural input that provide more accurate information for both typical room measurement and LARES.

Recent Experiences with Electronic Acoustic Enhancement in Concert Halls
and Opera Houses

David Griesinger - 1999
This paper describes human preferences for the timing and amplitude of both direct sounds and spatial sounds. It then describes how these preferences translate to the listening experience in existing environments, and how to optimize the sound delivery for best listening enjoyment.
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