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Acoustic Enhancement article from Sound & Communications Magazine, April 2004
"The splendid acoustics are a gift of the LARES sound-reinforcement system, installed last year. Now, everyone at the Hummingbird has a good seat."
The Globe and Mail, Tornoto,
September 26, 1998
David Lasker
"A state-of-the-art acoustic enhancement system (LARES) delivered exceptional clarity - London's major concert halls should investigate immediately."
The Times, London,
24 November, 1998.
Barry Millington

"The most important feature of this (refurbishment) was acoustical work-the removal of carpets, for instance, and the installation of a LARES electronic sound enhancement system. So, physically, Adelaide can now claim to have the best venue in the country for opera."
International Arts Manager
December/January, 1999.
Jeremy Eccles

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Circle Theater, Indianapolis, IN
"How successful was this investment? Tremendously so, I think... Both problems have now been corrected to the extent that people are, I believe, reacting subliminally to the impact it has made on them. Everything sounds bigger—better."
Nuvo Newsweekly

Vienna Festival
"This was the first time on this location with classical music that we were not critisized for spoiling the music by amplifying it."
Alfred Toegel, Sound Department, Vienna Festival
Marcus Center Uihlein Hall, Milwaukee, WI
"For starters, the sound of these massed forces in the new Marcus Center Uihlein Hall acoustic is overwhelming. It's not just the power that takes your breath away, it's the richness, the ringing overtones that happen when all those people are so well in tune."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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