LARES systems are typically part of a permanently indoor installation, LARES has also venues successfully as a part of one time or annual special events for music performed outdoors. The Vienna Festival is an annual event that features the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on the Platz for a large open-air concert. LARES was first used in 1995, and
results were overwhelming. In a letter thanking us for our involvement, organizers stated that "this was the first time on this location with classical music that we were not criticized for spoiling the music by amplifying it". The sound company has since purchased a LARES system for use at this event annually.
LARES systems have also been installed variety of spaces that encompass markedly different applications. Here are just a few:

Even with a shell, the outdoor environment does not naturally return energy to the stage. Hence, LARES systems used in outdoor situations usually incorporate loudspeakers and processing for the stage. At Crystal Palace, the LARES system is used exclusively for the stage to provide a better blend of early energy feeding the lawn, and to provide hall return to the musicians.

The Morebisch Festspiele seats 4000 for nightly outdoor opera during the summer months in Austria. Wireless microphones are used for principles. These signals are sent through a complex 40 channel Delta Stereophony System for direct sound reinforcement. The LARES system utilizes 24 loudspeakers located on the perimeter of the seating area mounted on poles. It delivers the feeling of spaciousness and envelopment characteristic of a good opera house.

LARES was used in Mauthausan for a commemorative concert featuring Joe Zawinul. Over 120
speakers will be attached to steel cables suspended across this quarry.
LARES was taken to the Forbidden City in China for a performance of Turandot presented by the Vienna Staatsoper and the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Metha.

LARES has also been installed in a number of stadiums and sporting venues worldwide. LARES allows architects and consultants to design the space with lower reverberation time and level, making it suitable for rock concerts, ice shows and presentations. When sports are the main attraction, LARES adds the reflected and reverberant energy required to energize the audience.

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