A single coupled volume usually requires the least equipment. These
systems often represent the simplest LARES system designs.
LARES can dramatically improve the listening experience in spaces that are acoustically deficient for musical performance.

LARES systems are assembled using basic building blocks. Each system requires at minimum, Microphones, LARES MPS-420 Microphone Preamplifier(s), LARES Signal Processor(s)s, LARES Mainframe(s), LARES 01 Power Amplifier(s), and LARES Loudspeakers. The amount of equipment used and how it is integrated into each system is determined by the acoustical goals set for the venue, and its physical properties.

Decoupled volumes within a space such as a balcony or under balcony often have completely different listening characteristics than the main seating area. The LARES Mainframe is equipped to provide independent acoustical processing for each. While one acoustics "engine" can be used to optimize the main volume, the other can create acoustics that integrate decoupled areas, making listening conditions uniform throughout the venue.

In many venues, the LARES system design has been augmented to include signals for sound reinforcement, special effects, or for film surround, which are distributed independently to the LARES loudspeaker array. For example, the LARES system in the Elgin Theatre in Toronto, Ontario is utilized for Dolby surround when the venue hosts the Toronto Film Festival annually. This added flexibility enables multipurpose venues to deliver the acoustical conditions required to successfully accommodate a variety of performances and artists.

As the size of the venue increases, the level of the early energy is diminished due to the fact that the walls are farther from both the soundsources and listeners. To restore the impact of the early energy to levels found in smaller, more intimate venues, LARES processing can be independently dedicated to both the early reflections and later energy. This allows ratios of direct, early, and reverberant energy to be adjusted optimally throughout the venue
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