The LARES Mainframe II represents the new state of the art in electronic acoustical enhancement. At its core is a modular, upgradable DSP powerhouse that utilizes the latest advancement in Lexicon’s proprietary LSI Lexichips. These reside in DSP modules that provide 24 bit/96kHz processing resolution.

The base LARES Mainframe II, equipped with one DSP module, replaces two of the previous Mainframes; with each delivering ten times more processing power. Inserting another DSP module doubles processing power, enabling it to replace four of the previous mainframes. The LARES Mainframe II integrates into the LARES system architecture using totally digital interconnection, ensuring the ultimate in sonic purity.

LARES Mainframe II offers many new features, including two additional inputs in each algorithm, allowing independent processing for early and late energy, larger room sizes, unlimited presets, and more. Together with the other LARES components, it forms the world’s only complete and comprehensive acoustic enhancement system.

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