University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Wenger V-Rooms
"Our $26.7 mil school of music facility features three V-Rooms - one V-Room Studio, and two V-Room Practice rooms. These rooms are facility savers, because they reduce the amount of time performers spend preparing onstage. This minimizes the wear and tear of the stage floor and performance equipment such as our concert grand pianos; and eases the pressures on time schedules on the stage." --James Prodan, Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs
The V-Rooms are marvelous teaching tools. When teaching a lesson, for example, working on a cadenza, it is important for the musician to learn how much time to allow before starting the cadenza. The answer is a function of the acoustics of a space, and one or two rehearsals onstage usually is not enough practice time to get it right. With the V-Room, a musician can practice a cadenza over and over, trying different rooms and sizes.
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