A Debut Hit: University of Louisville School of Music Installs V-Room® Rehearsal Technology;
First University Installation of "Virtual Acoustics" System

Wenger Corp. recently announced the first university installation of its revolutionary V-Room® Rehearsal technology, at the University of Louisville's School of Music in Louisville, Ky. V-Room Rehearsal is a "virtual acoustics" system that simulates the acoustics of different performance environments using proprietary hardware and software developed by Wenger Corp. in association with LARES Associates and Lexicon Inc.

"The V-Room Rehearsal is receiving rave reviews from both faculty and students -- it's one of our most heavily scheduled rooms," says Dr. Herbert L. Koerselman, Dean of the School of Music at the University of Louisville. "The room is used by many different ensembles -- both student and faculty, including our faculty brass and woodwind quintets, string quartets and vocal groups." Adds Koerselman, "It's something we show everyone who visits our school."

At the University of Louisville, the V-Room Rehearsal system is located in a double studio room large enough for a chamber-sized ensemble of 20-25 musicians. The V-Room Rehearsal system can also be tailored to new construction applications, and is designed primarily for rehearsal-size music rooms that accommodate from 25 to 100 musicians.

"Acoustics make a big difference in how music is composed, performed and experienced," explains Koerselman. "Composers often wrote music with a particular acoustical environment in mind.

"V-Room technology allows us to experience acoustical environments that we otherwise wouldn't have access to," says Koerselman. "This is true for the concert halls on our campus, as well as for different acoustical venues our musicians will experience outside our campus." The V-Room Rehearsal system at the University of Louisville has 12 settings -- including a custom one based on the acoustics of the primary performance hall on campus. Notes Koerselman, "That particular setting is used quite a bit.

"There's always been a very strong relationship between Wenger and our university," Koerselman notes. "Wenger has highly competent people who are very agreeable to work with. We also have Wenger chairs and racks, music stands and racks, choral risers and a choral shell -- much of it purchased when our building was built in 1980," concludes Koerselman.

Wenger Corp., based in Owatonna, Minn., is the world's leading manufacturer of furniture and equipment for music education and the performing arts, manufacturing more than 300 different products. Wenger Corp. also has facilities in Canada and international distributors. Wenger's customers include elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities and churches, as well as performance facilities. Wenger also has a strong presence in the entertainment, hospitality, parks and recreation, broadcast, recording and consumer marketplaces.

Originally developed in 1989 at Lexicon, Inc., by Dr. David Griesinger and Steve Barbar, LARES (Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System) has become the most widely accepted form of electronic acoustical treatment in use today. It is a patented system that uses microphones, loudspeakers, and digital signal processing to both alter and optimize acoustical conditions, improving listening enjoyment throughout the venue. More than two hundred spaces currently use LARES technology for a wide variety of applications.
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