When designing a system that emulates the intimacy and warmth of the best musical environments, the choice of loudspeaker is critical to the success or failure of the installation. The LARES 440 Loudspeaker is manufactured to deliver the wideband power uniformity and excellent low frequency response required for LARES acoustical enhancement.

Its compact size and weight, as well as front-mounted low frequency port, allow for virtually any mounting scenario. An internal structural member allows for the use of industry standard mounting hardware, making installation simple. Sensitivity and power handling are an ideal match for the LARES 01 Power Amplifier, either in single or parallel wiring configurations.

The frequency response of the LARES 440 is sufficiently wide to allow use for orchestra, opera, and ballet without the need for additional subwoofers. When subwoofers are required (typically for organ), the low frequency energy distribution provided by an array of LARES 440 loudspeakers further enhances envelopment.

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Basic LARES System Configuration

Multiple Mainframe System Configuration