The LARES Signal Processor provides both the DSP functionality, as well as the audio and control networks, which enable LARES systems to be easily configured for a wide range of applications. Eight A/D and D/A converters with 24 bit preceision, operate at a user selectable sampling rate between 32 kHz and 96kHz. Analog inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and terminate using Phoenix type connectors. Analog input and output gain is independently adjustable, with maximum level of +20 dBu.. Sixteen independent bi-directional digital audio terminations provide network interconnection between LARES Signal Processors. Control signals are also independently routed over the network. This allows a single control surface to communicate to an unlimited number of LARES Signal Processors - whether they are mounted together in a single rack, or in numerous locations throughout the facility. Network termination is made using industry standard RJ-45 connectors and Category-5 cable.

LARES Signal Flow Designer Software for Windows provides password protected system configuration and management. Digital Signal Processing functions include Mixing, Routing, Equalization, Bandpass Filtering, Dynamics, Leveling and Signal Generation. These functions can be used in any combination, and in any routing configuration, to provide the optimum processing complement for each LARES installation. All settings - including input and output levels - can be stored, recalled remotely, and be set to default when the unit is powered.

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