MPS-420 Microphone Preamplifier

The LARES MPS-420 microphone preamplifier provides the very highest performance for even the most demanding LARES installation. The MPS-420 has a dynamic range in excess of 120 dB, a one dB noise figure, 200kHz bandwidth, and virtually immeasurable distortion.

It will faithfully deliver every nuance captured by the world's best microphones, including dynamic output ranging from a whisper to sounds that exceed 120dB. RF rejection and immunity are outstanding - an important consideration when the microphone preamplifier is located near digital audio equipment.

Housed in a single rack unit, the MPS-420 provides four independent microphone preamplifiers with independent balanced outputs. For low AC line interference, the PS-10B power supply is housed in its own totally separate chassis. Front panel controls include gain trim, a 20 dB pad, and a switch for 48V phantom power. Two additional summed outputs are also provided, making the MPS-420 ideal for both single and multiple LARES mainframe installations.

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Basic LARES System Configuration

Multiple Mainframe System Configuration