LARES Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

Generating the acoustical embellishment needed to bring musical performance to world class standards requires components with the utmost in sonic performance and long term reliability. The LARES Power Amplifier delivers unparalled consistency and sonic purity - establishing the ultimate in LARES system performance.

Utilizing a Quad-Complementary output stage, the LARES Power Amplifier produces less distortion than even a Class A design, with both higher efficiency and greater long term reliability. Noise and distortion are nearly non-existent, insuring that the acoustics will never be heard - only experienced. Unlike commercial amplifiers that utilize cooling fans, the LARES Power Amplifier is fan free. Over 6400 square centimeters of heat sinking are utilized to provide ample cooling during normal operation. This allows the amplifier to operate in or near the same room in which LARES is operating without inducing extraneous noise into the system.

The LARES Power Amplifier is ideally power matched for LARES 400 loudspeakers, providing both ample power and headroom for single speaker and parallel dual speaker wiring. When installations use subwoofers, or larger speaker loads, each amplifier section can be bridged to provide two amplification channels, each with 400 watts at 8 ohms! Front panel potentiometers are recessed to help prevent inadvertent tampering, and input terminations are balanced XLR connections that mate one to one with the LARES Mainframe.

Over 20 years of amplifier research and design, sophisticated engineering, and meticulous craftsmanship have culminated in a product that brings new meaning to sonic transparency. When integrated with other LARES components, the complete system provides outstanding performance. The listener will experience superb sound quality and spatial envelopment without ever noticing there is an enhancement system at work.

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Basic LARES System Configuration

Multiple Mainframe System Configuration